Monday, July 20, 2009

Papa Murphy's Pizza on Traeger Grill

Traeger Wood Pellet Grills
1. Preheat Traeger grill to 425°- 450°. No thermostat? Use an oven thermometer
in the center of grilling surface. Start on SMOKE, allowing pellets to ignite.
Switch to HIGH and heat for at least 15 minutes.
2. Remove the plastic wrap and leave the pizza on the paper tray. Place
pizza and paper tray in the aluminum grilling tray and place them all together
on the center of the grill surface. Close the lid.
3. Baking time is approximately 20-30 minutes. DO NOT LEAVE THE
turn it, don’t burn it! Bake until desired doneness is reached.
4. Use oven mitts to remove pizza and aluminum grilling tray from grill.
Let stand 5 minutes. Remove pizza and paper tray from the aluminum grilling
tray. Cut and serve!

Grilling Safty Tips
• Always read the owner’s manual before using your grill and follow specific
usage, assembly, and safety procedures.
• Grills are for outside use only.
• Use in well-ventilated area away from buildings, overheadcombustible surfaces,
dry leaves, or brush.
• Keep fire under control.
• When using a barbecue grill,
be sure that all parts of the
unit are firmly in place and that
the grill is stable.
• If electrically-operated
accessories are used (rotisseries, etc.) be sure they are properly grounded in
accordance with local codes.
• Use long-handled utensils.
• Wear safe clothing.
• Be ready to extinguish flames.
• Use baking soda to control a grease fire and have a fireextinguisher handy.
• Consider placing a grill pad or splatter mat beneath your grill.
• Never leave a grill unattended once lit.
• Never attempt to move a hot grill.


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  2. Grilled my pizza on the Traeger. Cooked for 10 min on high then slid the pizza off the baking tray right on the grill. Checked every two minutes, just looking at the crust. Wanted a golden brown crust, it came out really good. The crust was nice and crunchy….yum!

  3. My pizza burn on the paper tray!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 20 minutes is way too long! Check every minute after 10 minutes. Cook time for me is only 12 minutes, I do this all the time. :)

  5. Lower temp to 385 cook 12-14 min rotating every 2 min. Turns out great

  6. i don't have an aluminum grill tray. I think I'll tr 10 min on paper tray and then slide pizza onto grill directly similar to John's comment.

  7. 50° in Colo, I used Traegger Apple pellets as I really didn't want a heavy smoke flavor. As always about 15 mins on smoke, turn the heat 425-450° with lid closed for about 15 mins. I placed (2) of Papa Murphy's med pizzas with the paper trays on to the grill. I started turning the pizzas 1/4 turn every 5 mins. Depending on the outside temp the pizzas were ready in 20 mins.

  8. Check every 10 minutes is garbage. You owe me $10 for my pizza.

    Check every 2 minutes. Fix it on your website please!

  9. Mid 70's day, my new grill hits about 425 on high. Cooked on a pizza stone. Checked and turned pizza at 10, 12, 15, and at 17 minutes took it out. Pizza was great.
    Could have cooked another couple minutes to get the center of the crust more crisp.

  10. Cooked a Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza last night. It was great. Heat grill to about 375 to 385. Place pizza on tray on grill for 10 minutes. Slide pizza off tray directly onto grill grates and cook for another 7-8 minutes to crisp crust.
    Don't forget to make sure dough is not sticking to tray before you put it on the heat,

  11. Used an aerated pan to finish and smoked for 10 minutes before turning up the heat. Original crust crisped up wonderfully. Don't try to pull the this crust off the cooking tray. It will only tear.